Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Latest Knitting Project - A Basic Adult Hat With A Little Twist

I am waiting for a big pile of yarns that I ordered from Craftsy to arrive. So, I'm going through my stash to see what yarn I've got.  I found one full skein of Noro yarn and I'm making myself another hat (like I don't have enough hat!)

A basic hat with C2F stitch knitted on circular needle

Anyway, the hat that I'm working on is a simple round hat.  I began with 1x1 rib and work up into a crowd.  I think it's going to be a slouchy hat because I make it a bit longer than usual.  It will be interesting since I don't own any slouchy hat!

What about the little twist part?  Well, it's just a little cable that knit without cable called "Cross 2 Front" (C2F).  This will add a little dimension to the hat so that it won't look too plain. Although, the Noro yarn has such colorful array of colors. It probably looks pretty without it anyway.

I'm not going to mention it in detail how I make it yet because pretty soon I'll write a completed pattern and share it here.

I've made a video on how to knit the Cross 2 Front stitch (C2F) here;

Since I mentioned buying yarns from craftsy and being affiliated with them.  I want to share it with you here that I only have good experiences with craftsy as a customer, member (get to list my knitting patterns for free) and affiliate.  There are so many areas to explore e.g. knitting, jewelry making, cooking, cake decorating, woodworking and the list is just keep going. (see examples in banners below).

Online Knitting Class           Online Jewelry Making Classes

If you own a blog or website you can sign up to become an affiliate to promote different art classes and art supplies. They give you a pretty good payout (30% commission and $2.00 per lead) compare to other companies.  Please use my affiliate link below to check it out. It's all free!

Please check back soon for my finished hat pattern.

~ Ratcha

Update on on pattern 4/18/15

The Twist Hat Pattern is now available for free at;

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tiny Print Free Gifts

Still looking for a Christmas gift that says, "I actually took a moment to think of you and make you something special," but don't want to spend an arm and a leg?

Tiny Prints has you covered. They are offering one of four free gifts to all customers.

You can choose from a free photo magnet, a free personalized coffee mug, or a free personalized notepad. You can also choose to get $16.99 off personalized home decor. Just click here and use promo code CHOOSEGIFT when you check out to get it free. Shipping will run you less than $10 in most locations.

Check out Tiny Prints now and get someone a great personalized gift, with meaning, this Christmas.

P.S. This is also the last day of their sitewide sale. All orders get 30% off and orders of $99+ get 40% off with promo code 40SWSALE. And, if your total order is more than $49, you get free shipping (use code FREESHIP49).

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jade Diamond Short Skirt - Very Pretty Skirt For Girls Knitting Pattern

closer look at diamond sts on top of skirt

I finally got a chance to finish up my skirt pattern for my shop.  This Jade diamond short skirt pattern is available for download now at the following shops for $5.00. It designed for girls ages 2 - 10.
 I love the way the diamonds turn out.  I decided to put this one on sale because it's a little bit difficult for beginner but you'll never know many beginners learn fast, right?

Thank you for letting me show this skirt to you.  I  have many free skirt patterns available at my website as well. Here is the links to the patterns;

Short Skirt For Girls Knitting Pattern

If you would like more information regarding this pattern, you can visit;

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year Scarf - A Great Way To Start A New Year

Happy new year to my readers, friends and family.  I have been away from this blog quite some time. There are many changes in our lives - new home and  new school for the kids.  It has been quite a new adventure of us all.  I love living out west. There are so many great outdoor places to explore.  I'm looking forward to get out there and catch some wild salmon!

Anyway, back to my knitting project.  Last year I have knitted quite a few items.  By far the most favorite item of 2013 on my knitting website are; My first felted basket and Easy Lacy Headband which has got a lot of great responses from knitters.

Felted basket made with one skein pure wool
Lacy headband is fun and quick to knit
These patterns are free and the  headband one come with video tutorial.

My latest scarf creation is a Happy New Year Scarf which I really adored.  I knitted with alpaca which is so warm and soft.  I gave it to my friend and it looks really pretty on her.  The pattern is also free.

Green scarf in Turkish rib stitch.

So if you're looking for easy and pretty projects to make, these are my recommendation.
Thank you for visiting and wishing you and your family the best for 2014!

~ Ratcha

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Matching Hat For My Daughter and Her American Girl Bitty Baby

Matching red hats for bitty baby and my daughter

I knitted a hat (more like a tam) for my daughter using a bulky yarn.  It was pretty fast knitted.  I added a little flower just above the ribbing.  I really love the finished piece.

Both of my twin daughters have a bitty baby (twins).  The younger twin found a knitted hat that I knitted for her when she was just a few days old.  The hat fits the doll perfectly.   Now my other twin wanted a hat for her doll too.  So I thought it would be nice if her doll have the same style hat as her.
I found the same red, bulky yarn I used for the hat.  So I started to make a little one for the doll.  When I got to the crowd part, the yarn was gone.  I had to search for a similar color yarn to finish it.

American Girl Bitty Baby wearing knitted hat with flower

The finished hat for the doll looks just as great as the big version of it.  I love them both.  My daughter was pretty  happy about it.  She took the doll around and on a road trip with the hat on.

Now the hat patterns are ready to view at;

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